Hydrogen Production

CETH2 (www.ceth.fr), a subsidiary of Smart Energies, develops, manufactures and markets PEM electrolysers. At present, this technology is the most promising in terms of safety, potential future cost reductions and adaptation to power variations.


Thanks to the capital provided by Smart Energies since 2010 and the expertise of its teams, CETH2 has developed a 15 Nm3 / h stack module and sold its first machines in 2012. CETH2 electrolysers are aimed at the following markets :


  • H2 Industry : to cover the hydrogen needs of industrial customers for specific uses (for example, the cooling of alternators in electricity power plants) ;
  • H2 Mobility : the number of fuel cell-operated vehicles is set to increase considerably in the second half of the decade. This will lead to the development of a network of service stations supplying hydrogen, at least one third of which will be equipped with electrolysers, themselves powered by decentralised renewable energy production sites ;
  • H2 energy storage : due to the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, the question of new renewable energy (NRE) storage has become a major issue; the electrolyser makes it possible to transform surplus wind and solar energy into hydrogen that can be stored. This hydrogen can subsequently be turned back into electricity (fuel cell), injected into the natural gas network to supply thermal energy or combined with CO2 to create renewable “green” methane (methanation).